Are you 6-14 years old? Have you ever had an idea for a BRILLIANT MOVIE? Well, this is your chance to have that dream come true at a cinema near you...

What is The Eureka Project?

On 1st June 2011, The Telegraph Hay Festival hosted the launch of The Eureka! Project: the first family adventure film ever made FOR kids, BY kids.

The idea is to involve kids and young people at every stage of the filmmaking process: from generating ideas, through script development and into production (where kids will be on set taking active roles).

A live-action (i.e not animation) film has never been made like this before. The journey for the kids involved will continue all the way through post-production and into marketing the film - getting people into the cinema to see it!


This year at the Hay Festival, The Eureka! Project took its next steps as two hundred attendees developed last year's story and character ideas further.

The concept we're currently running with is called FUNDAY.

A group of children discover there's an extra day in the week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Funday, Sunday.

Funday's a great place, and it used to be that no adults knew it existed. But something bad has taken it over. Who? How? And why? These are all up for grabs. So is how our young heroes save the day.

…or do they?

So download the FUNDAY IDEAS PACK, fill in and return YOUR FUNDAY EUREKA! MOMENT form, and see your ideas up on the big screen!

How can I get involved in The Eureka Project?

  1. You can still develop your own great film idea from scratch, with the essential ingredients every good story needs. Simply fill in our online YOUR EUREKA MOMENT! form.
  2. Or you can jump straight into FUNDAY! Download and send in the FUNDAY EUREKA MOMENT form.
  3. Follow us on Twitter @eurekamovie
  4. Tell everyone you know to get involved - The Eureka Project needs YOU and your friends!

We’ll put you on our newsletter - and give you a chance to win some amazing filmmaking prizes.

Or if you’re press, a school or an organization and you’d like to get involved, please contact us.

TheStoryBoard is developing The Eureka Project in collaboration with Young Film Academy, the UK’s leading provider of practical filmmaking programmes to young people. For full details visit